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Reset Tool For BMW

"No more driving around with those lights on"

If you can change oil by yourself, can pump gasoline and check oil levels on dip sticks you need not visit a workshop and pay huge amount to reset Service/Interval lights.

Simply own our NEW BMW Reset Tool. 

Our Reset Tool for BMW resets the Oil Service/Inspection Service Reminder lights. After you have done the maintenance work on your BMW, use this reset tool. It resets the oil service and inspection lights in a few seconds.


BMW Reset Tool
  • Single tool comes with a dual socket to cater for most BMWs 1982 onwards.

  • Easy to use and safe for your car.

  • Saves huge costs to reset lights from workshops.

  • High quality electronics with shock proof case. 


Note: Use of this tool is recommended after the warranty period of your car runs out.

Note: We are not affiliated with BMW in anyway.

At Indcraft, we also develop new products as per samples or drawings.

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