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LPG Conversion Kit Parts

The pressure reducer-vaporizer converts liquid LPG to its gaseous state by heating the gas and reducing its pressure. The reduction in pressure that takes place in the first stage chamber involves a considerable reduction in temperature. 

The heat, necessary to gasify the LPG is provided by hot water from the engine cooling system, which circulates in pressure reducer-vaporizer, shows how the pressure reducer- vaporizer works.

We also develop Diaphragms as per customer specification and samples.
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Gas Solenoid Valve
This is an electromagnetic device that stops the flow of LPG when the engine is being fed with petrol.


Petrol Solenoid Valve
This is an electromagnetic device, which stops the flow of petrol when the engine is supplied with PG; it is fitted to the petrol tubing between the fuel pump and the carburetor.

The Electrical System 
The device that controls the whole system is the 3-way switch. It has the function to close the gas circuit and switch to petrol, vice-verse.


Pressure Assembly 
The pressure gauge assembly is used to check the pressure of the LPG gas cylinder in use.

LPG vaporizer
LPG diaphragms

At Indcraft, we also develop new products as per samples or drawings.

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