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Vacuum Solenoid Valve



Vacuum Solenoid Valve (VSV) is a part of Fast Idle Control Device (FICD) that controls the vacuum supplied to the actuator. It's a switching device to control the vacuum and operate Vacuum Actuators.


Apart from Vacuum Actuators, VSV has wide applications. They are used to operate:

  • Heater Valves

  • EGR Valves

  • Wastegate Actuators


At Indcraft we offer Vacuum Solenoid Valves that are:

  • Normally Closed

  • Working Voltage - 12 V DC

  • 5 different models to suit fitment in different cars.


We also offer :-

Air Solenoid Valves for Urea Dosing

Turbocharger Control Solenoid Valves

Electronic Vacuum Regulating Valves

Purge Control Solenoid Valves

Vacuum Switching Valves

Fuel Tank Isolation Valve –FTIV

Turbo Dual Purge Valve

At Indcraft, we develop any type of solenoid as per customer specification. We also develop new products as per samples or drawings.

Vacuum Solenoid Valve

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